Grenade launcher VHS-BG cal 40×46

with retractable buttstock


The VHS-BG is double action single-shot 40×46 mm grenade launcher. Equipped with hammer forged barrel and high durable polymer, VHS-BG can fire all 40x46mm type of grenades on the market – smoke, HE, CS, Rubber, etc.

VHS-BG can be used as stand alone variant or as under-barrel grenade launcher for VHS-2 rifle. Mounting grenade launcher on VHS-2 rifle is easy and fast with our one pin quick-mount system.

VHS-BG has mechanical sight attached to the side of the launcher, either on the left or right depending of the users needs.  It is also equipped with MIL-STD rail for mounting different sights options. With retractable stock, we can optimize overall lenght depending of the mission requirements.

Low recoil, light and compact, VHS-BG is ideal for different tasks.

Caliber 40×46 mm
Barrel length 260 mm
Range 450 m
Length (with extended buttstock) 675 mm
Width (with sight) 84 mm
Height (with sight) 215 mm
Weight (with sight) 1970 g