HS H11

H11 is a micro-compact, striker fired polymer-frame pistol. Featuring hammer forged barrel and forged slide with Melonite protective finish. Patented magazine design makes H11 highest capacity micro-compact 9 mm in the world. Especially design adaptive grip texture provides exceptional control during rapid fire. Slide has front and back serrations for easier manipulation and is equipped with fiber optic front sight, and dovetailed rear U-notch sight. H11 is equipped with two safeties – trigger safety, firing pin safety and loaded chamber indicator. Magazine release is reversible type and can be adjusted for left-handed or right-handed shooter. Pistol comes with two types of stainless steel magazine – one is flush-fit with capacity of 11+1, the other is extended with capacity of 13+1.
Light weight, capacity and reliability makes H11 perfect concealed carry weapon.

Caliber 9x19 mm
Width 27 ± 0,7 mm
Lenght (overall) 153 ± 0,7 mm
Height (with magazine 11rd – flat base) 106,5 ± 0,7 mm
Height (with magazine 11rd – extended base) 119 ± 0,7 mm
Height (with magazine 13rd) 119 ± 0,7 mm
Barrel length 79,50 ± 0,3 mm
Weight of pistol without magazine 455 ± 15 g
Weight of empty magazine (11rd flat base) 58,5 ± 5 g
Weight of empty magazine (11rd extended base) 61 ± 5 g
Weight of empty magazine (13rd) 68,5 ± 5 g